Aren’t you a cheeky bugger clicking randomly on some bloke’s site?

This is the ‘about me’ section that is a little odd to write but before that, some context: I am by default a comedian and I assume you already know if you’re on my website (there is a separate profile you should read first if you haven’t already).

During the pandemic when the world was closed, performing live shows was near impossible and often irresponsible. When one world’s door closes, another world’s door opens. Or something like that.

The door that opened came in the form of a creative agency. Having never worked a ‘job’ job in my life I was hesitant but excited so I said yes. I then became a Creative Content Director which opened up a whole new experience including being yelled at on the phone by the client, “YOU ARE NOT CREATIVE.”

As live shows started to sprout, the George Town Festival in Penang booked me to perform and I ended the night on a high to a standing ovation. Later that night, I saw a call waiting and at 11.33pm on a Friday, outside a restaurant nicknamed ‘Jiao Sai’ (bird shit in Hokkien. Google this place.) I joined the call and for the next hour sat through the client shouting issues at us and calming down by screaming, “IT’S OKAY. YOU ARE NOT CREATIVE!” at me.

The client’s issues included:
1. The timeline may not work because no one knows at this point.
2. Client doesn’t know how to describe the creative choices we made because we did not describe our choices in detail.
3. The deck is on Google Slides and not in PowerPoint which the client uses to share with the boss.
4. The deck is not arranged in a way the boss prefers.
5. PowerPoint is so confusing.
6. Google Slides is so confusing.
7. Why is it Friday?

Oh, I hold this precious memory so dear to my heart!
(We eventually fired the client!)

I’ve digressed too much, so without further ado here’s a profile of my life as an ad-man:


Kuah Jenhan never had a ‘job’ job until he was 34. A stand-up comedian by trade, this changed when the Covid-19 pandemic happened and live shows went into hibernation. Jenhan then pivoted and became Creative Content Director at The Chariot Agency.

Using observational skills that he polished as a comedian, Jenhan was able to quickly adapt them to what the industry calls ‘insights’ that has won numerous awards and global businesses for the agency.

As a career comedian of over 16 years, Jenhan has won no awards. As an advertising creative for almost 2 years, he has won 3 Gold MARKies, 1 Silver MARKies, 1 Bronze MARKies, and 7 Bronze Kancils.

Jenhan is currently working on his next international comedy tour. Catch him on stage, either at a theatre or at the next advertising gala. Jenhan would be happy to meet you.